Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome Isabelle LaFleche and a Fantastic Giveaway!

There's nothing better than discovering an author and falling in love. This is how I feel about Isabelle Lafleche. I had heard of her J'Adore series, but I hadn't had a chance to read them. When we connected through social media, I was struck by how lovely she is and when I saw the covers and synopses for her books, J'Adore New York and J'Adore Paris, I immediately dove in. I've read the first, and I loved how funny, smart and engaging the story is, and I'm very excited to read the second. It is such a pleasure for me to welcome Isabelle Lafleche. Not only is Isabelle here to share her novels, but she is offering a worldwide giveaway! To enter to win signed copies of both J'Adore New York and J'Adore Paris, all you have to do is "like" Isabelle's Facebook page and click on the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Please leave a comment on the blog with your email address so we can contact you if you've won.

The giveaway runs from January 22nd, 2014 until midnight (EST) on January 29th, 2014. The winner will be announced on January 30th. CONGRATS, JANINE! YOU HAVE WON THE GIVEAWAY. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR ENTERING!

Isabelle worked for over ten years as a lawyer before giving up her career to write. In 2005, she was responsible for the business affairs of a fashion designer where she developed a penchant for haute couture. She enjoys yoga, running, skiing, and walking her pooch Leo.

Her first novel, J'adore New York, became an international bestseller. The sequel, J'ADORE PARIS is now available!

When Catherine Lambert, an effortlessly chic Parisian lawyer, receives an offer to transfer to the New York office of her prestigious firm, she unhesitatingly accepts. A dedicated follower of fashion and everything stylish, she is determined to conquer the high-flying world of Manhattan law -- and love. Catherine's dreams of glamour fizzle quickly, however, when she is faced with the hard realities of her profession. The pressure of billable hours, the incessant demands of her impossible bosses, the conspiracies of two malicious secretaries and the advances of the lecherous client prompt her to question her career choice. But then she meets Jeffrey Richardson, a powerful client, and her New York life takes on the romance she'd hoped it would -- until an unexpected request forces Catherine to re-evaluate the exclusive world she's chosen for herself.

With its insider's perspective on the dirty deals and intrigue that have darkened Wall Street's reputation, J'adore New York is a bright and funny take on the lives and laws of New York's most powerful players.

An exhilarating journey through high fashion (real and counterfeit), the war against fake consumer goods, and the irresistible realm of Parisian luxury, from the author of the bestselling J'adore New York

When chic Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert lands her dream job as intellectual property director for Christian Dior, she is on top of the world. She’s prepared to embark on the ride of her life in the world of fashion, fighting high-profile legal battles against international counterfeiters. She’ll also be reunited with colleague-turned-boyfriend Antoine in her beloved hometown.

But Catherine’s visions of front-row seats at the couture shows and strolling the Champs-Élysées hand in hand with the love of her life are soon displaced by the realities of dingy police vans and threatening anonymous phone calls. The code of ethics that she knew from mergers and acquisitions does not seem to apply in the nefarious counterfeiting underworld, and Catherine finds her life turned upside-down by surprise meetings in dark alleys and an unexpected degree of notoriety among the criminal element. Will Catherine and her loyal assistant, Rikash, manage to outsmart even the most crooked of characters and come out on top?

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