Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome, Courtney Giardina!

Movies, television, gossip mags--I am addicted to the world of celebs and everything to do with the big and small screens. So, when I discovered that Courtney Giardina, the author of  Tear Stained Beaches and co-owner of the indie press, Take Two Publishing,  is also an actress, well, I couldn't wait to have her on my blog. Welcome, Courtney!

Lights, Camera, Action …. An Actress’s Life

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach waking up. My hands are shaking and the tingling sensation that was once just in my feet has now taken over my whole body. I know what you’re thinking, a normal nervous reaction to a first date right? It would be, except it’s not a date I’m going on, it’s an audition.

An audition that takes all of about two and a half to three minutes. The drive itself is much longer than the time you get to prove to the casting directors you’re the one they need to choose for the role. It’s a whirlwind kind of lifestyle, but it’s one that has intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. Acting has always been a passion of mine. I love how a movie, when it is all said and done, can speak to an audience. How it can relay a message or take someone out of their reality for a moment of time. It’s just like words on the page of book, maybe that’s why 

I love both of them so much.

After the audition process is all said and done and the long awaited call back has been made, the filming begins. The ratio of auditions to roles landed ratio is pretty large so I make sure not to take anything for granted. On set is the surreal part of the industry. Becoming a character, preparing your mind to really bring out the person you want to convey. It’s a long, sometimes draining process, but I love every minute of it. In a full 8 hour day you’ll be lucky to film one full scene.  Scenes are shot over and over again from all different angles in order for the camera to capture that perfect shot.

The first film I ever shot was short film based in the 1600’s. The director wanted to express within the film how far women have come since then. It was a challenging role, but one I am very proud of. Just for fun, I thought I’d show all of you a sneak peek at the rough cut! This 8 minute film took about 24 hours to film and many, many more in the editing process. I hope you enjoy! Here is Subjugation.

Courtney in Action!

Courtney’s Bio

Courtney Giardina has always had a creative streak and a wild imagination. She has been fascinated by writing and the entertainment industry since she was a kid. Courtney grew up dancing, cheerleading and playing piano before she turned to writing as her creative outlet.  She won an award for her writing in elementary school and wrote countless poems, songs and short stories.

Courtney was born and raised just outside of Rochester, NY. In 2012, she moved to Charlotte, NC and has been focusing on finally doing all the things she said she would do “someday.”  After making a New Year’s Resolution in 2012 to write her first novel, Courtney completed Tear Stained Beaches after 9 months of long nights and wearing out the delete button on her keyboard. She has also started acting and has appeared in 3 short films in the Charlotte, NC area. She has a passion for health and fitness and enjoys living a very healthy lifestyle.

Haylie Julian wants nothing more than to put her crumbling marriage back together. Chase used to be a fun-loving, light hearted husband who had lately become an overworked attorney obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder. It isn’t long before Haylie starts waking up next to a man she barely knows. His secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her feeling alone and afraid of what he might be hiding. Ignoring his continuous pleas to just leave well enough alone, she continues to dig for answers and discovers a heartbreaking truth.

Struggling with what she has just learned, Haylie sets off to a quaint little North Carolina beach town to decide if her marriage can survive. It isn’t long after she arrives that her world is once again turned upside down as Chase’s secret stares her right in the face.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, Sam and Courtney! Sam, I'm like you - fascinated with the world of celebs. Stick a People magazine in my hands and don't expect me to take my nose out of it till I've read it cover to cover! So this little inside glimpse of what it's like to be an actress was great fun to read, Courtney! Acting seems so glamorous to me, but after reading your post I can see it must be hard work too. Thanks, lovely ladies! :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Patricia! It was fun to write from my "acting" side and give people a little insight.

  3. Didn't know you were an actress. What fun! Always sounds so glamorous... although I suppose there is a lot of waiting around and even more rejection than writing! Still, it must be a lot of fun to become someone else - definitely a lot in common with writing!

  4. Hi Jackie! Yes, the waiting and waiting and sometimes more waiting is the hardest part! But when a call finally comes in it makes it all worth it :)