Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding Lucas is On Sale Today!

I buy so many books. I buy so many books that I'm scared to look at my VISA bill. So, every now and then, I love to peruse the Kindle books that are on sale. Today, I'm very excited to announce that Finding Lucas is an Ereader News Today Bargain Book of the Day. What does that mean? Well, for a limited time, Finding Lucas is only .99 cents!

We all like a good deal, and though the sale won't last long, I hope anyone who has wanted to read Finding Lucas will have a chance to buy it today.

I try to keep my book's price as low as possible, and I still think $2.99 is a pretty good deal. I put my everything into writing books and this is also my profession (along with my writing/editing company, Perfect Pen Communications). But, every now and then, it's nice for my readers to get a sweet deal because they have been so supportive of me.

So, grab your copy of Finding Lucas and spend the rest of your money on a second book!


  1. All this in just one week?! From the Amazon/KDP craziness on Wednesday, January 30 to the eReader News Today Bargain Book of the Day just six days later - promoting a book must feel like a ride on a roller coaster! Wait for it, wait for it... AAAaHHHHHhhhH!! AHAHHHHHaaahhhhh!!!

  2. It just goes to show that life can change on a dime. What a week! And yes. AHHHHHHHHHHH!