Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Time Around: Wendy Ely

I'm psyched to have Wendy Ely, the author of Jesse's Brother, here today because I'm just halfway through the novel and can't put it down. Welcome, Wendy, and thanks for joining us!

She Hated My Heroine? Oh Yeah!

Jesse’s Brother is my first serious piece of writing. I wrote four novels before Jesse’s
Brother, but their purpose was help me learn the craft of writing. One of the biggest
objectives I learned while writing was that I want the reader to feel strong emotions while
reading my book. If the reader is reading a sex scene, my goal is to get the reader turned
on. If someone dies, the reader should be scared or sad. They must feel something. If they
didn’t, I didn’t do my job as the author.

Jesse’s Brother has been released for the second time. With this re-release comes a new
set of reviews. One reviewer commented that she hated my heroine. This might (and
probably would!) make most authors cringe. “But I don’t want someone hating anything
to do with my book,” would be the logical statement. In my case I did my job and evoked
a very strong feeling in my reader. You see, Samantha isn’t the perfect cheerful character.
Actually, she has some baggage and is a bit rebellious at times, but she is a strong
character and stands up for herself. Here is a sample of what I mean:

“Samantha Lynn Johns! I didn’t raise you to be a whore!”
She tried to squash the shock of the hateful words. What she wanted to do
was to hop off the car and leave Alban altogether. It took all of her effort to
stop herself. It didn’t matter what her mother claimed she was, she knew she
wasn’t a whore. But the words had stung, like so many other times before.
“Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll tell you all the juicy secrets over breakfast
tomorrow.” So much for restraint.
“You’re going to make yourself a disgrace to this community, Samantha.
I can’t believe the way you are acting these days.” Her mom snatched the cup
of mocha, and poured the brown liquid onto the dirt. “I don’t allow this kind of
trash at my home, either.”
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Hurry up, Noah, she begged
“Worry about our reputation if you don’t care about your own,” snapped
Mom. “I’m a respectable, church-going woman.”
She jerked her gaze in Mom’s direction. “Respectable?”
“I’m going to talk with your father,” Mom said in a huff before stomping
toward the house.
“By the way,” called Samantha, making her mother pause for a
moment. “Good churchgoing ladies don’t call their daughters whores.”

Yes, Sam is visiting her parents’ home for the summer and trying to deal with the issues
she has with her mother. Her mom won’t stop digging at Sam, so Sam had to bite back.
Yes, she does change over time in the, book but until then, she dates two men.
The reviewer confirmed that I had done my job when she said, “This is a story wherein I
can only say great things about the author. A well-written story with all the characters fleshed out nicely. It's a good read and quite frankly, the characters are so developed that I actually started hating the heroine by the middle of the story.”

*Reader's Choice award winner! One woman, two men: a single summer to choose between them. Sacrificing a summer to fix her relationship with her mother and find out what’s troubling her father isn’t so bad...right? Wrong. Or so Samantha learns upon her return to Portland. As if family drama wasn’t bad enough, first comes Noah. Then comes Jesse. Samantha is torn between the way her heart skips a beat each time Noah looks at her, and the way Jesse’s touch make her yearn for more.

Will Samantha be able to choose between the men before their secret crushes her?

Grab a copy of Jesse’s Brother on Amazon and see for yourself!

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  1. Ooh - I want to know if she is just confused, a daft tart (so maybe her mother is half right?) or if there is something more to it (which I suspect there is). Great extract, Sooz

  2. Wow, this sounds like a great read! I love good love triangles and this seems like it is. I wouldn't mind having two sexy men to choose between myself :)

  3. This was wonderful! I loved this and love Wendy's books! ;)