Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Love Starbucks

I love Starbucks. Not for their coffee or yummy, overpriced sandwiches, but because they have given me a place to write and the chance to meet some really cool people.

I am a work-at-home mom of two kids. Finding the time to write and run my business can be challenging. And when I do have the time to work, I don't really want to spend it at home by myself. I'm a social person, and I like to have music, noise and people around me--even if I'm not actively interacting with them. So, Starbucks, with its free WIFI, little wooden tables, work spaces and top 40 hits piped in the background has become my office away from home.

And when I work there, I truly feel like a writer. The dream I'd had for so many years of sitting in a cafe, sipping my coffee and tapping away on my keyboard has come true. I'm a coffee shop writer, and I love it.

But the awesome staff at my local Starbucks has become more than servers and friendly faces: they have become friends. Now don't misunderstand that I am desperate for friendship, seeking out strangers and regaling them with my dramas. No, the Starbucks staff are simply happy to chat and help me out when I need it.

Having trouble sending a file? Carlo can help. Need to promote a little bit? I talk to Cheryl and Natasha. Want to know the latest music? Zane knows all about it. In fact, Carlo, a professional photographer and computer whiz, helped convert my file for Finding Lucas for Amazon and took my headshots for me. He has also talked me down from the proverbial ledge when editing Finding Lucas went awry.

And as I look around me (because, of course, I am right now at Starbucks), I wonder how many other writers are here, tweaking novels and articles and developing their characters. Probably a lot.

So, thank you Starbucks for your awesome staff, endless flow of caffeine and for giving me a home away from home so I don't end up talking to myself and living in pajamas.

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