Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

I think it was Woody Allen who said that he never watches his movies after they premiere. And as a writer, I totally understand why he feels that way. Since I published Finding Lucas, I must have read it over 100 times. And every time I read it again, I promised myself that it would be the last. But, I'm like an addict in need of a constant fix. I try to figure out what people are thinking as they read what I'm reading, and then, I make the biggest mistake an author can make--I looked for errors.

So, when I noticed a single word repeated twice, I tried to let it go. I put my Kindle to the side and got back to writing and editing for my business, Perfect Pen Communications. But that single word was following me around. It was stalking me. So, I decided it was time to edit it.

Back into my published Kindle file I went and changed that one word. Now, in a perfect world, everything would have been fine. In a perfect world, the file would have been re-uploaded, and I could sleep easily at night knowing that the error had been fixed. Sadly, it is not a perfect world.

I checked my file the next day and discovered that the wrong file had been uploaded. I use the passive voice here because I'd like to take no responsibility. I know I uploaded the right file because I checked. But, somehow, the gods of technology thought it would be amusing to play with me so play with me they did.

A few frantic phone calls and some serious hand wringing, and I finally managed to upload the right file. And after a quick check to see if Finding Lucas looked as it should, I haven't read it since. I am sure there are errors, and I'm sure it is not perfect. As a professional editor, I know that no one is infallible. But it's so hard to remember that when it is your dream out there.

So, now I forget that minor blip on this publishing journey and forge on. Next up--increasing my sales!

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