Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will you read your book to me, Mom?

I love showing my kids that I can be both a mom and a professional. So far, with some help and support, I have managed to stay home with my toddler daughter, pick my kindergarten-age kid up from school and run a freelance writing/editing business. Of course, I can only take on a certain number of jobs or I would go absolutely bonkers, but not only do I get the best of both worlds on any given day, but I also show my kids that I can be their mom and also have something that is all mine.
My daughter is too young to understand what I do beyond sitting next to me and typing away on her toy laptop, but my son knows I'm a writer who makes stories. He loves when we spin a little tale together, and he is always super excited to see my articles in magazines and online. So, when I started working on self-publishing Finding Lucas, I showed my son what I was doing every step of the way.
He's smart and interested in the process, and he loves being included in my work--if only he knew how many parenting articles he has been the star of. Oh wait, one day, he will. Uh oh.
I almost cried the day he asked to see my book cover without my mentioning it. And I was actually nervous to hear my almost 5 year old's opinion! Thank God he liked it. But the day my innocent and sweet boy asked me if I would read Finding Lucas to him both warmed my heart and stopped it at the same time. Well, the book opens with an orgasm and the first chapter ends the same way, so, um, no. My novel is a romantic comedy-- smart and funny chick lit-- but there are no explosions, no fuzzy characters and no robots. There is love, lust, sex and excitement. There is sadness, truth and pain. So not appropriate for a kid, but I'm hoping so appealing to an adult.
Anyway, I felt bad. He is used to hearing that something is not appropriate for him because he's too young, but I want him to know that I love sharing my work with him and love having him a part of everything I do. But, even when I imagine my boy (who is at the moment watching "Tangled" and sucking his thumb) as a teenager, finding my novel(s) online or at a bookstore (however they will exist then) and actually reading what I've written...gulp.
I am so proud of Finding Lucas and whatever novels I will publish after it, but knowing my kids will be reading what I have written about love and sex, well, I'm sure they'll be embarrassed. But hopefully, they will be as proud of me as my son is right now when he tells everyone at school that his mommy is a writer.

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