Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Surreal Life

I have become obsessed with Kindle sales, sales ranks and social media. What's hilarious is that a year ago, I was a total technophobe. I didn't even know how to download a photo! But ever since I opened my business, Perfect Pen Communications, I have stopped being terrified of the computer. For the most part.

But now that I'm crazily promoting Finding Lucas, I have had to seriously brush up on my tweeting and Facebooking skills big time. Everyone has been so kind and supportive in helping me to market my novel. The blogs Chick Lit Central and Chick Lit is Not Dead have both given me awesome shout outs on their Facebook pages, and I was beyond excited to see Finding Lucas up there. And I nearly fell over when people I'd never met liked the novel...and bought it.

But trying to be a great mom, running my business and promoting my novel is all a bit...surreal. If anyone had asked me five years ago what I'd be doing now, I could never have guessed that this insanely busy, amazingly rewarding and crazily fun life would be mine. And nobody could have imagined that I'd be spending my days sending out emails and tweets and uploading and linking like a pro. Well, almost like a pro.

So far, I've mistakenly linked Finding Lucas to my personal Facebook page (now rectified), have spent countless hours trying to log into my PR account and sent my nascent Facebook author page out before it was anywhere near done. It's all good, though, Great, in fact.

I have to pinch myself that all of this is real, and I take a lot of deep breaths when it gets a bit overwhelming. A surreal life it is, and I am so happy that it's mine.


  1. Business owners nowadays know that. If they want their business to boom, they have to learn the hippest way to reach their market. Living in the digital age, technology defines us. I’m sure learning about the social media platforms you can use didn’t only help your business, but it has provided you personal improvements as well. :)

    -->Emilia Loza

  2. So true, Emilia, and thanks for commenting. The people I've met online have been such a great support, and their presence in my life is invaluable. I've also learned to do things that scare me because the rewards are so worth it!